900mg Full Spectrum Oil – Mint Flavor

This Premium-Grade Full Spectrum 900mg CBD tincture has a hint of Mint suspended in Hempseed Oil, is Loaded with several terpenes like beta-Myrcene and trans-Caryophyllene, and packs a nice 30mg of full spectrum CBD per ml punch.

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(7 customer reviews)

7 reviews for 900mg Full Spectrum Oil - Mint Flavor

  1. James

    I’ve tried a couple of your products, but this is by far my favorite. It hits quick and is very relaxing and blissful. Do yourself a solid, get this tincture for a nice mellow experience.

  2. Frank S.

    I was having chronic neck/back pain from a degenerated disc in my cervical spine, absolutely painful 24 hours a day for the past month. A friend passed on to me some of your CBD gummies and the first night I took them, I was able to get some sleep as the pain from inflammation subsided. Went right here to your website and decided to get the tincture as I'm not a sweet-tooth sort of guy. As soon as pain flares up, I take a dropper full of the tincture and in less than 20 minutes I'm feeling relief. This beat out Aleve, Ibuprofen, acetaminophen and aspirin on relieving pain from nerve inflammation, I can't recommend this enough, thank you!

  3. William J.

    This has helped me a lot with minor anxiety throughout the day, and I feel like I get a much better night of sleep, as well!

  4. Anne334

    I've tried a few different tincture brands, and this is just the best. Like the rep at the farmers' market said, you only need a few drops to quell anxiety, but I go for one dropper full to feel some bliss along with that.

  5. Scott S.

    Love the fact that this is all done here Tastes pure and Clean and love how it works on your system

  6. Jeff B.

    As a regular customer using CBH's gummies twice and day, I decided to move away from sugar and try a higher potency. Not only is the 900 tincture effective, I am able to obtain the same level of benefits AND reduce my dosage!

  7. Briana H.

    Best thing I have found to help handle daily stress

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We shopped at the Cannabreeze stand at the farmers market, the guy working there was so knowledgeable and was able to educate us on every product that they offer! We ended up purchasing some of their CBD Mints to help with stress and we’re super excited to try them and get some of the pet treats for our dog in the future!”


Cathleen M, Google Review

CBD Pet Treats work like a miracle! I have a Shepherd Mix that is deathly afraid of thunder, fireworks, etc. I was a bit skeptical about trying it, but these things work incredibly well. 10mg right before a storm hits and my dog is relaxed the entire way through. Very happy to have found this product, so much that I had to personally call the owner to say thanks!”


Michael M, Google Review

My daughter takes CBD regularly for anxiety. These Vegan CBD Gummies are WAY more effective than other brands, even the more popular brands on the market, and she always comments on how great they taste. We also love that these are made locally by someone who truly believes in the health benefits of CBD.”


Jennifer V, Verified Buyer