600mg CBD Large Pet Oil

Does your pet suffer anxiety from riding in a car, meeting other dogs, or simply home alone? Maybe they have eating disorders, joint pain, or suffer from osteoporosis? Add it to your pet's food or treats, or simply drop it in their mouth. Perfect for pets over 40 lbs, and each dropperful gives a 20mg dose.

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4 reviews for 600mg CBD Large Pet Oil

  1. JANICE T.


  2. Kristen E.

    Hi, I’m Charlie. I’m a Great Dane and will be 10 in May. My mom has been putting these drops in my breakfast every morning for a long time now. It helps my arthritis pain, keeps me comfortable and tastes great too. I’m so grateful for this awesome product!

  3. Constance J.

    Our senior dog Charlie is doing so much better since using the Cannabreeze CBD oil!
    She was in an horrific accident over 10 years ago where her lungs and both front legs were severely injured.
    Especially her left front leg has very bad nerve damage.
    Since getting older and now having Cushings also, it became harder and harder to make our daily walks through the woods to the lake, and normally she turned around halfway and headed home on her own.
    Sinds the CBD she seems to have more stamina and less pain.
    Now makes the whole trip with our little pack and sometimes even takes the lead as she used to do when younger.
    What a delight for us and especially for her!
    Just awesome!

  4. Janice L.

    We have a 7 year old flat coated retreiver who eats and sleeps with a ball in his mouth. He's so high strung that even disipline is an issue. Canabreeze 600mg CBD added to a small amount of milk twice per day makes a huge difference. The result is a calmer, happier dog – and pet parents! I order almost monthly. Don't settle for other products. This one is the real deal.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We shopped at the Cannabreeze stand at the farmers market, the guy working there was so knowledgeable and was able to educate us on every product that they offer! We ended up purchasing some of their CBD Mints to help with stress and we’re super excited to try them and get some of the pet treats for our dog in the future!”


Cathleen M, Google Review

CBD Pet Treats work like a miracle! I have a Shepherd Mix that is deathly afraid of thunder, fireworks, etc. I was a bit skeptical about trying it, but these things work incredibly well. 10mg right before a storm hits and my dog is relaxed the entire way through. Very happy to have found this product, so much that I had to personally call the owner to say thanks!”


Michael M, Google Review

My daughter takes CBD regularly for anxiety. These Vegan CBD Gummies are WAY more effective than other brands, even the more popular brands on the market, and she always comments on how great they taste. We also love that these are made locally by someone who truly believes in the health benefits of CBD.”


Jennifer V, Verified Buyer