Pet CBD Products

Cannabreeze is a U.S. Navy veteran-owned, 100% vertically integrated seed-to-sale hemp farm and company located in Loudoun County, Virginia, the birthplace of U.S. hemp.

Helping Your Pet: CBD For Dogs

One of the amazing things about CBD products is their effectiveness for both humans as well as animals. Like humans, pets like dogs, cats, horses, and more also have an endocannabinoid system that can be impacted by potent cannabinoids. At Cannabreeze, we offer several options in CBD for dogs that help treat a wide range of different pet health issues.

CBD Pet Oil

We make it easy to administer CBD for dogs and other animals by providing our customers with a variety of formulations. Our pet oil products are developed for small, large, and X-large dogs. Simply use your dog’s weight to determine which product is the best solution. At Cannabreeze, our CBD and pet oil can also be utilized to help promote a healthy and active lifestyle for cats, horses, donkeys, and other large-breed animals. Check out our large pet CBD to learn more about the benefits of utilizing CBD for farm animals.

Our pet oil is easy to administer. Many dogs love the taste and quickly learn how to accept the dosage right from the dropper. It can also be mixed into your pet’s food for a convenient way to administer this natural treatment option. As with human CBD products, the dosage can easily be adjusted to provide optimal results.

CBD for Your Equine

For your horse, donkey and large breed animals, CBD has been shown to be an excellent, all-natural and organic way to improve your equine’s overall health. If focus, jittery demeanor, separation anxiety, joint pain, or fatigue has become a hurdle in your equine’s quality of life, CBD may be the answer. CBD has also been found to be the pathway for a calmer and more accepting animal, especially in a group setting.

CBD Pet Treats

CBD treats for pets are ideal for your family’s furry companions, including both dogs and cats. They are small, bite-sized, highly palatable treats your pets will love. Give one treat for smaller pets less than 15 pounds, while pets over 15 pounds can enjoy two. Limit each pet to two servings per day regardless of their size.

Adding CBD for dogs for your pet’s wellness routine is a natural way to help manage conditions such as joint pain, osteoporosis, arthritis, or digestive problems. CBD pet oil or treats are also effective in helping reduce anxiety in dogs, including separation anxiety or stress related to going in the car, meeting new dogs, or going to unfamiliar places.

If you know that your pet suffers from intense anxiety or aggression when they are in the presence of strangers or other animals, we recommend giving them our extra strength pet oil, as the increased potency will help you better manage your pet’s behavior quicker and for a longer duration.