CBD Extraction Services

Learn more about Cannabreeze's State of the Art CO₂ Extraction with Real-Time Winterization

State-of-the-Art Extraction

A true scientific instrument is defined by its finely-controlled operation. When it comes to CO₂ as an extraction solvent, we believe a system should, at the bare minimum, precisely and independently control pressure, flow rate, and temperature in order to specifically target the compounds desired.

Premium Grade Flower

Quality in, quality out. It begins with producing premium grade flower grown in rich Virginia soil, utilizing an advanced dual-line underground irrigation system, along with organic nutrients like rich fish manure. Our partners at FOOP Biosciences know what it takes to deliver maximum output on cannabis plants, from seed to harvest. Our 7 step Inspection process ensures all pests, insects, larvae, bud rot, mold, and other toxins have been removed prior to extraction.

Next-Generation Technology

The performance specifications of this machine is off the charts. Not only does removing manual operation reduce labor and human error, the proprietary automation software opens up a new world of advanced methodologies through things like density feedback and control, allowing us to discover all that CO₂ extraction has to offer.

Triple Fractionation with Proprietary Power

We have the ability to extract three individual oil types at the same time and collect them into three separate vessels using different extraction settings, either for developing three different product lines, or for remediation of unwanted materials. The powerful and proprietary four-piston liquid displacement pump efficiently maintains CO₂ in its liquid state, avoiding cavitation and producing unrivaled smoothness of flow.

Recipe Based Operations for Maximum Control

More and more labs are following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The keystone for this standard is product consistency and process repeatability. Combine innovation with technology and you have a system with recipe files that guarantee our machine runs exactly the same way, every time a given recipe is loaded and run.

Need your Biomass Extracted?

Our goal here at Cannabreeze is to create and deliver premium grade CBD and CBG hemp products for our customers for the health and well-being of our communities. But our passion doesn’t end there. Beginning in 2021, Cannabreeze will begin offering fellow hemp growers high yield, supercritical extraction services for their biomass, including terpene capture. Feel free to reach out to us for more specific timelines and any additional questions.