What is FECO?

If you’ve been using cannabis oils for a while, you may have seen FECO or RSO labels on some products. The terminology gets confusing very quickly, and it can be hard to sift through the marketing jargon to figure out what you’re purchasing. Full Extract Cannabis Oil or FECO, is a concentrated cannabis oil used for medicinal purposes. This is quite different than what you usually see sold as simple “full spectrum oil”. FECO utilizes the whole hemp flower which contains the highest concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes and is vastly different from the isolate oil products that only contain CBD, as well as many over processed full spectrum oils. When different cannabinoids interact with each other, they enhance the properties of one another. This means you can get more relaxation and relief out of a FECO product than you would from CBD isolates and even some full spectrum oils.

What’s the Difference Between RSO and FECO?

We have a blog discussing Rick Simpson Oil, a homebrew oil created by Canadian cannabis activist Rick Simpson in the early 2000s. Full Extract Cannabis Oil, or FECO is essentially a standardized version of Rick Simpson’s namesake oil with some slight alterations that make the product safer to make and consume. Many think these oils are interchangeable, but there are some key differences. Traditionally, RSO is made using isopropyl alcohol, while most FECO oils are made using food-grade solvents like ethanol or grain alcohol. We extract using our custom CO2 extraction method which is safer and doesn’t breakdown the various compounds during the extraction process.

What Does FECO Help With?

FECO is made from hemp flower containing high quantities of CBD, so you can expect enhanced benefits, including reduced anxiety, an easier time getting to sleep, alleviated discomfort in joints, and many of the other benefits we have discussed.

How do I use FECO?

FECO is meant to be consumed orally. You can add it directly to your favorite food or drink, in a gelcap, or sublingually (holding it under your tongue for a few minutes to allow the FECO to be absorbed directly into you blood stream). We’ve also received feedback and comments from some of our customers that they’ve seen success applying the oil topically to joints.