CBD Massage Candle 60mg – Unscented – Travel Size

errb+ creates premier massage candles that offer the highest levels of CBD per ounce, housed in a beautifully handcrafted black ceramic container with their patent-pending pour spout. If you’re looking for the most exquisite candle with maximum benefits, this is it.

Handcrafted ceramic containers with a patent-pending spout for easy, drip-free pouring, and is made from only the purest, most hydrating ingredients. Avocado, apricot, coconut, and jojoba oil provide optimal moisture and hydration for a radiant glow and luxuriously soft finish on the skin. The anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD deeply nourish and protect the skin from acne while smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We shopped at the Cannabreeze stand at the farmers market, the guy working there was so knowledgeable and was able to educate us on every product that they offer! We ended up purchasing some of their CBD Mints to help with stress and we’re super excited to try them and get some of the pet treats for our dog in the future!”


Cathleen M, Google Review

CBD Pet Treats work like a miracle! I have a Shepherd Mix that is deathly afraid of thunder, fireworks, etc. I was a bit skeptical about trying it, but these things work incredibly well. 10mg right before a storm hits and my dog is relaxed the entire way through. Very happy to have found this product, so much that I had to personally call the owner to say thanks!”


Michael M, Google Review

My daughter takes CBD regularly for anxiety. These Vegan CBD Gummies are WAY more effective than other brands, even the more popular brands on the market, and she always comments on how great they taste. We also love that these are made locally by someone who truly believes in the health benefits of CBD.”


Jennifer V, Verified Buyer